Chashma Shoppe is a leading optical retailer with an experience of more than four decades in the optical industry. We strive towards offering our customers expert eyecare services along with a large selection of unique and stylish prescription eyeglasses,sunglasses ,contact lenses and eye care products. At Chashma Shoppe, we believe in pampering the eye in the easiest, simplest and economical way. Our store proves everyday that in eyecare, we care more.We are dedicated to aligning our practices with our social and environmental objectives and are envisioned to our overall expertise in our industry.

Chashma Shoppe is dedicated to ensuring high quality affordable eye care as a top priority made available to the society. In addition to our range of eyecare services, we offer our customers a selection of our affordable, high quality and distinctive in-house brand products as well as international brands.

In addition,we have expanded our channel on a digital platform to increase the accessibility of ‘Chashma Shoppe’ products and services.This way our customers can seamlessly shop for all their eye requirements at their comfortable location and time and access our professional expertise.

‘At Chashma Shoppe, pampering your eyes was never this simple’.